MHz GHz zzzzz…..

Whenever we discuss about any system be it a laptop, a phone, a desktop we are always concerned  about the processor. How many GigaHertz is the processor? Which is the latest in the market? The higher the better?…  But what really is MHz and Ghz? And why is it so important? HERTZ Hz in MHz […]

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So if you want to access a website, you need a browser, the URL or IP of the website and that is it from your side. Once you pass the URL on to the address bar and press ENTER, you are navigated to the desired page, which is loaded with your information, you think to […]

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Loose Coupling and Tight Cohesion – Walk thru for Design Philosophy

The degree to which the functionality of two modules are related is Coupling. For instance if we have two modules namely A and B, Coupling means ‘B’ must change because ‘A’ changed. Loose Coupling helps is Low code maintenance – We need not make changes to the code again again as modules are almost independent of each other, and […]

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Object Oriented Design

OOPs is one of the most renowned programming paradigm used for development, many programmers prefer OOPS because of code re-usability, the ‘A PIE’ concepts and many more reasons.So what is OOPs?  Before we begin let’s look back and understand where did we come from. Long time ago in the stone-age of computers, say way back […]

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Consuming API

In the last post we created some API’s for our best ever  F1 website, now is the time to consume them. I will be dividing this topic into 2 posts, In this post will be discussing about pulling the data from the F1 website and displaying on my web-page. In the next post I will […]

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