Structural Design Pattern: Decorators

As per Wiki structural design patterns are design patterns that ease the design by identifying a simple way to realize relationships among entities. In this post we will discuss Decorators. Decorators, add additional features to object dynamically without using sub-classing Let’s consider an analogy here, our bakery needs some automation, everyday I spend few hours setting up appliances like pre-heating […]

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Creational Design Pattern: Prototype

Prototype Pattern is another creational pattern that clones objects as per the prototype. Basically it lets you make copies of existing object. Prototyping is important when we creating many similar objects, but this process can be expensive so the solution is ‘Cloning’ instead of making individual objects. Lets consider an analogy here, we are mass […]

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MHz GHz zzzzz…..

Whenever we discuss about any system be it a laptop, a phone, a desktop we are always concerned  about the processor. How many GigaHertz is the processor? Which is the latest in the market? The higher the better?…  But what really is MHz and Ghz? And why is it so important? HERTZ Hz in MHz […]

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