Consuming API

In the last post we created some API’s for our best ever  F1 website, now is the time to consume them. I will be dividing this topic into 2 posts, In this post will be discussing about pulling the data from the F1 website and displaying on my web-page. In the next post I will […]

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Part V: More on API’s with F1

So from the last post we have all our code in place for our F1 api, now we are looking  at the following:  Retrieving Status codes Filtering our query Status code What are status code? And why are they important? Status codes tell us whether a HTTP request was successful or not. So there are 5 […]

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Part IV: Improvising code

The end goal of the F1 website is to have an angular front end served by our file but before going there I am really looking forward to optimizing this code. Lets begin with viewsets. Viewsets Viewsets are class based views, the method handlers of viewsets are bound to certain actions at the point […]

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Part I : RESTful API

In this post I will be covering: What is a Restful API Methods / verbs Implementing API calls API’s To explain API, i’ll use the Waiter analogy. Once you go to the restaurant and you are seated, the waiter comes to you with a Menu, Menu is a list of stuff you can order. So […]

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